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The C.W.I.S: Commonwealth of Independent Sovereign™

The word of "Commonwealth" is a public domain; it can be used by any nation or every sovereign at each own. The word does not represent any nation or any government alone. it's exact meaning is the "General Good" or to be "Greater Good" for the purpose of improvement to be made for any community which are settled as by native inhabitants where are independent states or districts that are having self-governing within boundary of any nation. Such as a self-governing portion of any region within the boundary of Myanmar is entitled as Commonwealth of Myanmar Kingdoms. Another Example: the State of Pennsylvania of United States is entitled as Commonwealth of United States as it is also a self-governing state within the boundary of United States, just as is, which has nothing to do with Britain or not related whatsoever at all with Any Commonwealth of Britain. So, to be clear of.

Commonwealth is also similar to The word of inhabitant which does not describe to any area for colonial advantage of any specific status that do not have any kind of political relationship whatsoever with else other nation (such as for example, neither have any agreement with Britain nor to have with it's monarch). 

Especially at The C.W.I.S:  the independent states or communities of self-governing groups of any sovereign can be jointly working together to improve the status of Economic, Education, Health care; Well-being of each own population without binding into only one nation or to only one boundary. Every particular sovereign can maintain each own independence within each own boundary.

Usually and Mostly: such communities do not have any specific status or any agreement for such particular areas in regard to governing sector, even with local or federal governments although those areas are existing together as a continuous landmass within a boundary of a same country.  It does not describe as a portion of a monarch or of any royal kingdom as is just human habitats or the communities of commoners, unless it becomes upgraded by Diamond Palace Worldwide of Golden Palace Origin, The Majesty Solemn Asset of HM Aye HM The World Majesty.

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