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The Q STATES also known as World State Kingdoms: are especially structured to develop overall economy for each particular traditional states at just as is itself in full sovereignty that have never been installed as a kingdom or just a state included within boundary of any sovereign nation that are or having been a kingdom or already have been reserved to install in care of a Kingdom of Golden Royal a solemn asset of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE HM The World Majesty, at Myanmar Kingdom Origin (such as any palace with the boundary of Myanmar Kingdoms or Any Kingdom that assigned directly by HM. DR. AYE HM The World Majesty. The Kingdoms of Golden Royal are NOT JUST as royal kingdoms or small monarchies. NOT EVEN A SIMILAR.  NOTE: This website is for Any Fragile Part as of a State or a State with any kind of conflict within any Sovereign where no one can properly take any responsible to secure area within each particular land or a state within a Sovereign which does not matter as of a kingdom or of commoners.  

Such any division, state or territory within  or without it's boundary that being left out caused by any kind of conflict, disputes or unable to develop, protect, secure or promote by it's own kingdom or trying to declare itself as a fake kingdom or tries to use unauthorized prince/princess of else other kingdom with just to get things done attitude with dishonest manner that can badly damage the independent of others or to each own nation; not yet having a Diamond Palace with Each Own Particular Authenticity symbolized by Golden Palace Origin of The Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C., or  any level of Her Majesty Palaces of HM. DR. AYE on the soil of such any each particular state are strongly recommended to register The C.W.I.S or shall contact Regional Diamond Palace of each own areas nearest to each particular kingdom or National Diamond Palace at each particular nation or Local Diamond Palace that has already established Any Basic Establishment of Majesty Enterprises at each homeland where each own population are living. 

An example of a state kingdom to be included in Development of The Q States:

Although The Magway Region of Myanmar is a state of Myanmar [even though The Myanmar has
World Headquarters of Residential Palace at Kachin State and Working Palace Headquarters at Shan State of HM. DR. AYE The Majesty Queen The Golden Palace Origin, also is at not yet unspecified region worldwide], including Kachin, Sagaing, Shan , Mon, Kayah, as well as at Northern and Eastern Parts of Magway. The Southern or Western Part of Magway still does not have Any Formal Accolade Palace within the state boundary of Magway (as Every Region must have at least a Accolade Palace at Southern/Western Part for Local Administrative Relations assigned by National Palace Headquarters of Yangon and a Local Diamond Palace at Northern/Eastern Part assigned by Diamond Palace headquarters of Sagaing) Thus it is qualified just as is a state at current centuries of Union of Myanmar although is also a state included in Myanmar Kingdoms Origin since ancient time frame.  The highest ranks working at Accolade Palace of Any Region or any State are Senior Princes or Senior Princesses who must be ceremonially touched and have to be raised up by Diamond Palace Worldwide, must be formally authorized in written by the Golden Palace of Her Majesty. Authorized Kings and Queens representing any kingdom or any nation also must be assigned ceremonially also at least by a Regional Palace of Diamond Palace Worldwide on behalf of The Golden Palace of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE HM The World Majesty.  

Thus, an example of a state kingdom category to be clearly clarified as follows:
The Magway State does not qualified
yet (as is not yet chartered formally in care of Royal Trust Fund by The Diamond Palace origin/In-house Diamond Palace of Golden Palace Origin of Her Majesty) to install to be able to become a family kingdom into The Majesty Kingdom Origin. It will still need to register into the C.W.I.S to receive A Basic Establishment that will sign an official contract with Authorized Economic Office, And with the Assigned Council, then, with Majesty Enterprises HQ, in promising to be up and running as A Steady Economic Establishment to benefit for Permanent Regular Sovereign Income or Any Basic Establishment privately owned by any undecided voter (or a team of undecided voters) can contact directly to the email/phone/address of the link to register as to run continuously as of each suitable business level with each own qualification. And, after official contracts with the Qualified Number of Establishments are signed with Local Accolade of Each Location, it can be established a state kingdom by The Q States; has to still operate as a state kingdom until certain limit of  upcoming time frame for it's government and public to be able to practice with Assignments (by The Council) to qualify for the Royal Manner, then next step  is to install as a Royal Kingdom, and only after then: it will be able to include within one of many family kingdoms included in HM World Society

Currently on the land within Boundary of Myanmar: The Yangon, Kachin, Kayah, Sagaing, Central Parts of Shan & Major Yoma of Bago States have already qualified the  first team of Majesty Kingdom Origin. Taninthayi, Ayeyarwaddy, Rakhine, Mon & Mandalay are qualified as Royal Kingdoms comprised as of Myanmar Kingdoms stand-by at second team. General Part of Shan,  Common Portion of Bago, Kayin, Magway & Chin are including just as State Kingdoms Category. More info >>>

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The Majesty Kingdom Origin, DOES NOT give a Royal Privilege easily to Any Consort (to a commoner) whoever married or will marry Any Royal Queen/King just to become a Royal at sole intention or for any kind of political related affairs or governmental advantage, at no matter Male or Female. In order to be able to ask for Royal Privilege: Notable Special Achievements, Acceptable Highest Moral Characters; Royal Insignia shall be earned for certain time frame.

Therefore: if a commoner who does not qualify his/her own individual capability himself or herself yet, will just be a prince/princess as highest role of beneficiary who will never become a queen/king just by marriage. Even a Royal Marries to a Royal Queen/King who is a head of state, will just be a Consort of Head of State; is still not currently becoming a Queen/King at Ordinary Royal Society: So to be aware of. 

 More info will be coming soon.

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